How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone


3 Tips on How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone

In this advance technical era, it is mandatory for parents to understand what their children are doing with their apparatus. The most important reason behind is net in which the growth of damaging threats is rapidly increasing. It’s required to protect kids from dangers like adult material, online bullying, predators, and many others. Want to track text messages from another phone? Well, within this guide, we are going to provide you best ways to monitor text messages from another telephone. This guide is very easy to understand and implement.

3 Tips on How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone
3 Tips on How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone

– Part 1. How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone Secretly
– Part 2. Can I Track Text Messages on A Non Smartphone
– Part 3. Is There A Free Way to Track Text Messages from Another Phone

Part 1. How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone Secretly

Part 1. How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone Secretly
Part 1. How to Track Text Messages from Another Phone Secretly

SpyZee is a web-based mobile phone monitoring tool that’s coded for parents and business owners to watch on the children and employees. With SpyZee, you are able to easily access the target device without them understanding. You are able to access text messages, contacts, photos, videos, location, and much more. There are nearly 6000 Android devices supported by SpyZee. In addition, you’ll find flexible subscription program that is pocket-friendly in costs i.e. it satisfies every pocket.

Why Pick This Text Messages Tracker:

– Remotely access text messages: Accessing text SMS with SpyZee is easier and convenient. It will show you each message which sent and received on the target phone. Here is the best method to track text messages without goal phone.
– Live place monitoring: Live location monitoring is also possible with the help of SpyZee. You just need to start SpyZee web-client and click on the”Location” to view the target device location with precision.
– accessibility videos and photos: Getting engaging with SpyZee monitoring solution, accessing target device videos and photos is quite easy. You may easily access videos and photos which are captured and downloaded on the target device.
– Internet monitoring: With SpyZee, you may also monitor internet history without understanding the goal device user. This will show you every single internet browsing history from leading web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and many more.
– Easy to use: Applying SpyZee is very simple as compared to a different tracking tool. Because of its clean and simple user-interface which is extremely easy to understand. There is not any special skill is required to use this program.

Easy Steps to Track Text Messages in Another Phone in Stealth Mode

Step 1. Create SpyZee Account

Simply open a SpyZee official portal by going into the official URL address on a web browser and create SpyZee account. Click the Sign up to open create account page. Enter the necessary data in the given field such as Mail ID and password.

Step 2. Setup for Tracking Text Messages

Now, enter target device info and choose an operating system such as Android or iOS.

For monitoring Android telephone text messages (Samsung Galaxy S9 supported):

– Visit and download SpyZee app plug-in by clicking the Download button.
– Today, empower the Unknown Sources before installing it apk.
– Install the app and then open it.
– Input SpyZee account login information and hit the”Start Monitoring” button.

For monitoring iPhone or iPad text messages (iPhone X and iPhone 8 confirmed ):

– once you’ve clicked the iOS icon, then you will direct to page where you need to enter iCloud ID and Password.
– Enter valid iCloud account login credential and click the”Verify” button.

Step 3. Start Tracking Text Messages Remotely

Open SpyZee official site on your own computer and enter login information to start online dashboard. On internet Dashboard, click on the messages to monitor text messages from the other phone.

Download SpyZee to Track Text Messages from Another Phone at:

Part 2. Can I Track Text Messages on A Non Smartphone

No, it’s not possible to track text messages onto a non stop smartphone. The reason behind is sooner days a cell phone is not smart and advance enough to transmit the information on the internet. These feature cellular phones are powered by means of an operating system that is just able to send messages, make a telephone, play java based games, and also to perform some minor operations. It’s nearly impossible to monitor text messages on such cellular phones. As we know, in order to track messages the device has to be connected to the internet and have enough ram to run the app in background.

Part 3. Is There A Free Way to Track Text Messages from Another Phone

Yes, online, you’ll find lots of SMS tracking tools which are free of cost. Engaging with these programs, you can track messages of the target device. But, there are some limitations with complimentary tools. You will get only limited functions, unlike paid tracking tool. One must pay to access all features of this monitoring. In some free apps, you need to finish surveys to get free credit.

Disadvantaged of using free methods to track someone’s text messages:

– Limited number of features.
– Sometimes, you have to complete surveys that’s quite frustrating task.
– Not reliable and secure.


Tracking text messages is now easier than ever before with the help of Monitoring tools like SpyZee. After analyzing the SpyZee, we find it’s one of the greatest tools which can help you to monitor text messages from another phone. Within this tool, you’ll find a wide range features that make monitoring easier and convenient.


Can WhatsApp Be Hacked by Someone


Way to hack WhatsApp by Someone

It’s the era of mod-tech devices and people are highly appreciating those factors. Like the Smartphone and their regarding software, you are able to perform various significant activities. Smartphone’s have made life easier then before and they perfectly match with the emerging social networking platforms.

WhatsApp is actually a messaging application which is highly popular because 2009. After its introduction, every person on the world is active on this particular messaging interface. This application has become an significant part the life. They covertly use this program to excahge Messages, pictures and other important stuff. The majority of the folks have raised the questions such as can WhatsApp be waxed? Yesthere are numerous methods that could allow you to execute this job and spy on the WhatsApp accounts of the targeted person.

Way to hack WhatsApp by Someone
Way to hack WhatsApp by Someone

– Part 1. Can WhatsApp Be Hacked by Someone?
– Part 2. How Can I Hack into WhatsApp
– Part 3. Can WhatsApp Be Hacked Using IP Address or Through Wifi?
– Part 4. How to Tell If Your WhatsApp Had Been Hacked

Part 1. Can WhatsApp Be Hacked by Someone?

Part 1. Can WhatsApp Be Hacked by Someone?
Part 1. Can WhatsApp Be Hacked by Someone?

WhatsApp has become an integral component of the human lifetime and now each and every being is actively using this app for sending messages, sharing images and loads of other stuff. This application has changed the definition of hacking. Yes, the statement can WhatsApp be hacked is completely true and you will find tech geeks that have proved it. Moreover to hack someone WhatsApp accounts is very simple and convenient.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or some special guidelines to hack on the WhatsApp account. By performing few essential steps that you can easily peep into the activities performed by the targeted person.There are 3 possible ways through which you can successfully hack WhatsApp accounts of the targeted person. These manners are defined as follows:

Mac Spoofing:

In this solution you need to interchange your IP Mac Address of those targeted iPhone with yours. (For this you have to uninstall your WhatsApp while performing this action ).

Scanning the QR Code of this Targeted WhatApp Account:

It is the easiest trick to hack the WhatsApp account. All you will need is to start the WhatsApp settings of the targeted device and then scan the QR code of the same in your own desktop .

Spy or Tracking Program:

There are assorted spy programs which can remotely perform this action to hack the WhatsApp account of the targeted person.

Part 2. How Can I Hack into WhatsApp

With the spying and phone monitor program, SpyZee is a ultimate tool in this segment. It comes packed with unlimited features which make it a celebrity performer. It is best compatible with the leading operating systems notorious as iOS and Android. All you need to create a SpyZee account also this allows you the access of the targeted devices. The plans provided by SpyZee are reliable and affordable making it an active selection for millions.

Why Choose This Tool to Hack into WhatsApp:

– Unbelievable and easier user responsive interface that makes it a better choice.
– Easy access to various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Wechat and other popular programs.
– you could also track down the telephone log history, GPS location, SMS and email accounts.
– Compatible with Android and iOS.
– Reliable and inexpensive spy app which makes it pocket friendly and convenient.

Easy Steps to Hack into Someone’s WhatsApp

Step 1. Produce SpyZee Account

Go to the official site of SpyZee and tap on the”Sign Up” button. While producing the accounts you need to enter the credentials such as email I and the password. Also from the wizard you need to type the details of the targeted device such as the owner name, age and you need to choose the operating system. Here, we’re managing Android.

Step 2. Complete the Installation

At this scenario you need to set up the SpyZee program on the Android device. For this it is simple to download this program for the provided link ( Now, start the SpyZee application and enter the necessary details. Tap on the”Grant” button and then hit “Start Monitoring”

Step 3. Start Hacking WhatsApp

Now, you are aware that the response is yes for question of”can whatsapp be hacked’. Stop by the SpyZee net client and tap on the”Social Apps” that allows you to have a look at each and every message stored on this messaging program. While managing with an iPhone you need to pick the operating system and enter the details about the Apple ID. The compatibility feature which makes it the ideal tool that withstands the questions like may WhatsApp be hacked.

Download SpyZee to hack WhatsApp by Someone at:

Part 3. Can WhatsApp Be Hacked Using IP Address or Through Wifi?

The next method to hack the WhatsApp accounts is via utilizing the target phones MAC address. For you have to find several other programs like the BusyBox program and the Terminal emulator. These programs are easily available on the Play Store. With such tools you can easily do this task.

Easy Steps to Hack WhatsApp Using IP Address

At the initial point you want to download and set up the Busy Box program. Here, you have to make an account for hacking on the WhatsApp account.

Launch the Terminal application and type $su and press “Enter”.

In the subsequent step you need to enter”$busybox iplink show eth0″ and click”Enter”.

Now, type”$ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether” and this follows your WiFi MAC Address. Replace the XX.XX.XX.XX.XX.XX with your regarding MAC address.

At this time, you will need to start the WhatsApp account and insert the phone number of the targeted account.

Before verification it’s crucial to confirm the hack and you are able to pick the call verification for hacking the WhatsApp account.

At last you need to enter the code that you have received within the box provided on your smartphone.

Now, check out all the WhatsApp conversations on your apparatus.

Part 4. How to Tell If Your WhatsApp Had Been Hacked

As your question has been completely answered regarding may WhatsApp account be hacked, now how to configure if you are under the surveillance of any hacker. There are some of the noteworthy items you want to check with regard to such instances.

Immediate Drainage of Your Device Battery:

You are not a normal device user and even a gamer, still you battery drains continuously. Then there are chances that spy software may be running in the background. Also there can be chances that your apparatus will take more time to bill.

Heating from the Device:

Performing continuum actions on the smartphone may heat it up but when you aren’t using it and it is warm then there is an issue you need to check. This may ensures that you’re being monitored by means of a spy app.

Strange Voices On Your Device:

There can be opportunities that you might notice some echoes or strange noises then you are surely being monitored.


How to Catch Cheating Spouse by Spying on the Facebook


How to Spy on Cheating Spouse via Facebook

The type of world we’re living in, it’s hard to come by honest and loyal persons. It isn’t about just any individual, occasionally even the persons, who are nearest to us, often tell us lies and cheat us. Husband and wife can cheat each other due to some reason such as unintentionally falling for somebody else, seeking a casual relationship outside the home, not finding their partners appealing , etc.. So . however, it is of utmost importance that both the spouses should realize each other’s situation and attempt to get their relationship back on course. Online, there are a great deal of tracking tools that you may use to spy on cheating partner through Facebook easily.

How to Spy on Cheating Spouse via Facebook
How to Spy on Cheating Spouse via Facebook

– Part 1. How to Secretly Spy on Cheating Spouse’s Facebook Message, Photo and Video
– Part 2. 5 Signs to Find Your Cheating Spouse on Facebook

Part 1. How to Secretly Spy on Cheating Spouse’s Facebook Message, Photo and Video

Part 1. How to Secretly Spy on Cheating Spouse's Facebook Message, Photo and Video
Part 1. How to Secretly Spy on Cheating Spouse’s Facebook Message, Photo and Video

To provide you complete service, SpyZee is precisely what you need to spy on cheating partner via Facebook. It can help you in monitoring target Android or iPhone telephone logs, messages, etc.. The program is quite easy to use. You just have to purchase it and make your own SpyZee account, set up the SpyZee program on the android telephone or tablet you want to target and you’re finished.

Employing the SpyZee program on an android apparatus, you don’t just get access to the call logs and messages of the android phone but you can spy on cheating partner through facebook.

Can Not Miss: Full GPS Tracking Devices for Cheating Spouse

Measures to Secretly Spy Cheating Spouse’s Facebook

Step 1. Create the Account

On the”Subscribe” page, fill the essential detail in the 3 blanks displayed. Join with a valid email address so you don’t face any issue at a later stage. You will receive the confirmation email from SpyZee at this email address. You can use the bought version of SpyZee to get access to all of the features of the program.

Step 2. Fill in the Info

After signing up starts the setup process. Here, you need to provide”Name of the owner of the target apparatus”,”Age of the owner of the target apparatus” and pick the operating system (OS) of the target device. On a Android device, Pick the OS as Android.

Step 3. Install SpyZee App in

Make sure that your phone allows you to install apps from the website other than”Google play store”. If it doesn’t then change the settings so that you can install the app. Now, following the setup link sent to your registered email ID, you can install the SpyZee app on the Android device which you wish to target.

Step 4. Complete the Settings on Telephone

After installation, start the app and login with your account. You have to click on the”Grant” and”Permit” buttons on the next window to allow the app requisite consent. After clicking “Activate Device Administrator” you are able to spy the android device anytime you want.

Step 5. Spying on the Facebook

At last, you need to click the”Start Tracking” button to delete the SpyZee program icon so that other users can’t understand that their actions are being tracked.

After finishing the installation and registration process, it is possible to spy on each activity on the goal android device. It is possible to view the data from control panel app or browsers.

Part 2. 5 Signs to Find Your Cheating Spouse on Facebook

Should you suspect your partner for cheating, then you need to search for the signs that inform you your spouse is cheating on you.

– A cheating partner would attempt to seem single on her social media profiles. You can go through the social media profiles of your spouse like facebook and look for the signs like he/she not mentioning his/her spouse’s name in articles and opinions, not reacting to the comments mentioning their partner.

– Changing social media accounts password often is another indication your spouse is cheating on you. A cheating partner would do this quite often so he doesn’t get caught.

– If your partner is in the practice of deleting browsing history after utilizing the world wide web then it surely raises a red flag that he/she is speaking with somebody with whom they should not in a secretive manner.

– Should you realize that your spouse spends too much overly time than heshe needs to or that he/she has gradually increased their social media accounts actions, then it also raises suspicion.

– Deleted discussion history on a societal networking account for example Facebook is also among the signs of cheating. A sane individual would never delete his/her chat history.


Other than those mentioned previously, there might be a few more actions that indicate that a cheating spouse’s behavior.

There are many strategies to keep a watch out for a cheating partner or if you suspect your spouse might be cheating on you. A great deal of applications are available on the internet to assist you track down your cheating spouse but not all them are reputable. Most of these programs deliver basic services just, they don’t cover many social networking profiles except for the select few.

Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me


Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Phone by Calling Me

These days, smartphones are enough powerful like a computer to execute the successful task. They use these to carry out a variety of operations in their everyday life with no worry about security. These mobile devices have a hefty amount of confidential data. There are loads of damaging threats are available on the internet so, it’s crucial for a smartphone user to maintain their device from these dangers. If you have doubt on can someone hack my phone by calling me? You just read this article carefully. Here, we’ll discuss about possible solution of your query is it possible to hack on my phone by calling me?

Is It Possible to Hack Someone's Phone by Calling Me
Is It Possible to Hack Someone’s Phone by Calling Me

– Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?
– Part 2. Top 10 Ways to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked and Countermeasures
– Part 3. Common Ways to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked
– Part 4. How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Calling Him
– Part 5. [Tips] Can Someone Hack My Phone by Sending Text or Picture

Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?

Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?
Part 1. Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me?

The simple reply to your question”Can Someone Hack My Phone by Calling Me” is NO. Currently, there’s no loophole is located that may lead to hacking on your phone by just calling from unknown amount because the cellular signals don’t carry any safety information such as pin, password, and others till the hacker gains the physical access to your mobile device. But, yes it’s true that they can access your device location by using just your phone number.

Part 2. Top 10 Ways to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked and Countermeasures

1. The Smart Device Seems Slower

If your mobile device isn’t giving its optimum performance then, there might be some app working in the backdrop surreptitiously. This program may contain dangerous threats that need more processing capability to do its task. If you have doubt that someone is spying on you with unethical programs. There are many different motives behind slow cell performance might be applications update decrease your mobile functionality.

2. The Gadget is Sending or Receiving Strange Text SMS

This is another aspect that can allow you to know if your device has been hacked and countermeasures. Should you look something suspicious in messages programs like messages sent or getting from unknown number then, perhaps you are under surveillance. Sometimes, hacked send text messages to you to bring your mobile credential details. A hacking program can also send a text message to a person without your consent. So, always keep an eye on such suspicious activities.

3. The Program Installs Automatically without revision

Every device maker installs its own legitimate apps on each particular device version. Sometime, you’ll find some new programs after a software update. However , if you discover some unknown software installed on your device without doing any software upgrade afterward, be aware. Attempt to recognize the app developer and hunt on Google to find this program purpose. These tools may breach your device safety and capture your credential information in the background.

4. Battery Draining More Swiftly

The majority of the monitoring tools operate in the backdrop of the target device and document each and every task performed on the target device. These illegitimate applications occupy lots of processing power that leads to battery consumption. If you find variation in your mobile battery graph and battery draining with the fats speed on a normal use subsequently, may be any tracking tool is installed onto your device.

5. The Device Heats Up

These monitoring apps operate in the backdrop of the target device and require high processing ability to execute its operations. This massive amount of CPU use generates lots of heat. These tracking apps heat your device even you are not using or in ordinary use. Instantly identify the rationale behind cell phone heating to avoid future issues like credential data loss and several more.

6. The Sudden Mobile Bill Charges

They tap your apparatus and will make calls for anyone across the world. If you see something suspicious on cell phone bills then, congratulation, your mobile device is hacked. Attempt to identify the loophole and fix the problem that leads to such issue.

7. High Data Charges on Regular Data Usage

Tracking application sent the recorded data to the host so its absorb loads of cellular ellular information to transfer data from origin to destination. A large amount of data using a fast internet connection is required by tracking application which works in the background. If your mobile data costs are greater than before then, possibly any illegitimate spying program is installed onto your apparatus. You’re able to take proper measures to keep such things away from the device.

8. Application Stop Working

Application crashing is among the most common issues especially on Android apparatus. People don’t pay much attention to this problem like program crashing. There are many reasons behind program . Storage space is just one of them. From time to time, your mobile device does not have sufficient RAM space for other programs to work in the background. This occurs when a app especially tracking programs absorbs a hefty amount of RAM. You may fix this issue by uninstalling such programs that operate in stealth mode.

9. Noise Whilst on A Call

In case you’ve got a query”can someone hack my telephone by calling me?” , read this point carefully. In case, there is an unusual noise comes while on a call it could be a sign that somebody is being snooped on. Most of the times, some application interferes with all the incoming and outgoing connections that result in such problem. You can go on to your cellular settings and discover the services in the backdrop. If you discover something questionable then, instantly uninstall the app and restarts your cellular device.

10. Slow Shutdown

Essentially, shutdown is the procedure to terminate all of the procedure safely and safely power off the apparatus. If you discover heavy data is transferring that interfering with shutdown process then, be sure which type of service is doing.

Part 3. Common Ways to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked

Don’t Tap on Random Popup

Nowadays, the internet is filled with a massive amount of damaging threats that are primarily coded to bring user private info. If you discover any popup online browser screen as you’re browsing subsequently, avoid tapping it. All these are an adware that could cause injury to your privacy. In case, such popup appears on your screen simply leave the browser window without even tapping such ads. If you tap on the popup, then it will redirect you to an unknown page that leads to a phishing attack.

Install Antivirus and Anti-spyware Tool

Antivirus is the app that detects harmful programs and kills them in a single shot. These are really beneficial to safeguard your cellular phone from being hacked. Anti-spyware is just another instrument which keeps your device away from spying tools. You may download these tools from your cellular program store at free of charge. You are able to set up Antivirus and Anti-Spyware tools on your own device to make your device protected than previously.

Apply Screen Lock

Screen lock is the features that you find on almost every cell phone. The user has to enter right routine, pin, or password in order to gain access to the device every moment. This is the fantastic means to protect your device from kids, partner, and other electronic attackers.

Download Apps from a Trusted Source

This is one of the main tips that will help you to maintain your device protected from damaging threats. On the internet, there are tons of piracy applications available. Most of them include a harmful pair of codes which are mainly developed to fetch confidential data of target user. It is always recommended by cyber experts to download the application from reliable sources such as Google Play Store, App Store, Amazon App store, Apk Mirror, along with many others.

Update device software

Most of the user, didn’t update their device software regularity and in the result, they’ll face such issues. If you do not want to face problems like cyber attacks then, keep your device applications with latest security patches.

Part 4. The 100% Working Software to Hack Android and iPhone Data

SpyZee is the tool which you may use if you would like to hack someone else’s mobile phone. As we spoke previously, the response of the question – can somebody hack my phone by calling me is NO, however there’s a sure way that would allow another individual to enter your phone and spy, monitor and monitor your every single action on your mobile phone without calling you. The software is basically designed for a parental control application. But the area of application has expanded since its release. The most important objective of the application is to make the parenting job just a little bit easier.

Download SpyZee to Hack Someone’s Phone by Calling Me at:

Why Recommend This Tool to Hack Android and iPhone Data:

– The SpyZee app has an easy to use interface and a dash from which you may access all the apps with one tap.
– The program has a live place tracker and can also set Geofences for the target device.

– The unique Keylogger feature helps to retrace the keys which are pressed in the particular application that is very beneficial in hacking additional apps and reports too.

Easy Steps to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Call Him/Her

The step by step guide to utilizing the SpyZee program to hack someone without calling them is given below.

Step 1. Fill and Indices in Data

Initially, take a look at the official website of SpyZee and pat the Signup button. Now, enter the facts about the target device, i.e. their name, age, and also the operating system of the apparatus.

Step 2. Verify Target Phone

Based upon your target device, you will need to carry out some different measures.

I. For Android apparatus: Obtain a physical access sot the target device and open your email ID, there you will find the confirmation link and a download link from the SpyZee program. Until you install the program enable the unknown sources installation and then finish the setup process.

ii. For iOS device: If you chose iOS OS, then you will need to supply that the iCloud ID of the target device and also ensure that the iPhone has the back and sync configurations enabled. Once you verify the ID, you are all set to hack the iPhone.

Step 3. Start Spying on the Phone

Now, as you’ve finished the installation, visit the website again and log into your identification and get the dashboard of this SpyZee. In the dashboard, you will see a list of all of the programs on the target device.

Track Your Son’s iPhone

The Keylogger attribute is also activated to determine which key they press their various phone. With Keylogger, you can find the ID and password of all the apps that would help you to get in their accounts easily. You can track and monitor social media apps, messages, calls, contacts, photographs and videos, web history, and even more with SpyZee.

Part 5. [Tips] Can Someone Hack My Phone by Sending Text or Picture

There are various men and women who often search the net with questions like this. But hacking someone else’s telephone by sending a text or simple picture isn’t actually possible yet. Although virus can be transmitted via the text messages and image this can disrupt the working of the telephone for a while. But the problem can be repaired easily with a few basic solutions.

Compose in the Long Run

So, in case you have uncertainty”Can someone hack my telephone by calling me” , after you read this article, you must get an answer. Technology has advanced to such an extent that hacking has become easier. Apps like SpyZee parental control program would allow you to hack all of the information of the target device without becoming noticed.


Top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone


Here is the top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

A child is not aware of all of the bad things that are found in the world. A parent tries their best to keep their child safe and protected with means necessary. Many parents want to supply their kid phones at a very small age for their own protection. But it’s crucial to know what does your kids use the phone for. The following 8 programs allow you to look at the activities on your child’s phone remotely.

Here is the top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid's Android or iPhone
Here is the top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid’s Android or iPhone

– Part 1. Top Best Apps to Spy on Your Kids
– Part 2: Why Do You Need to Spy on Your Kid’s Phone?

Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids

Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids
Part 1. Top Best 8 Apps to Spy on Your Kids

1) SpyZee

SpyZee is a parental control tool that was intended for the parents that need spy kid’s phone. But today, it is used for most of the other characteristics which were added to the program for different reasons. It’s compatible with the two Android and iOS devices.

The basic features of SpyZee are mentioned below:

– Spy 29 distinct kinds of data on the phone, including text messages, calls, photos, videos, societal media messages, location, etc..
– Fully compatible with different browsers on every device.
– Remotely read messages on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Wechat, etc..
– Your kid won’t ever understand he’s monitored.

2) TheTruthSpy

The TheTruthSpy app is intended to be an all-purpose spy software. It may be used to spy on a kid’s phone, protect your children, and monitor your employees. It was supposed to be a stage for all the mobile phones, tabletscomputers. TheTruthSpy is among the most powerful and imperceptible software for tracking and monitoring. This software can be used with Windows PC, Mac OS, Android mobile, tabletcomputer, iPhone, and iPad.

Price: $20.99/month


– The tracking system is so good it is used by services to find lost phones.
– It’s an amazing interface which makes it easy to use.
– The customer review is great and is highly recommended by users.


– it’s very expensive software.
– The customer support is not good.
– there’s no money back guarantee for your own software.

3) PhoneSpying

This program was also designed as a parental control program for the parents that had to spy on kid’s phone, track their place, messages, calls, and societal networking reports. They’ve been the world’s top software designer of monitoring and monitoring apps for at least 5 decades.

Cost: FREE


– This provides amazing and special characteristics to maintain the path of your kid.
– It is possible to monitor all of the social networking applications and completely access them without anybody’s knowledge.
– It is very economical in comparison to other software applications.


– It is quite expensive software.
– You might have to get a little used to of this port until you completely understand it.

4) Phonesheriff

The PhoneSheriff program was specially designed to spy kid’s phone. It is well-known for the reliability of its support and features. This program is quite useful in regards to monitoring all other functionalities of your kid’s phone. This program can be used with all the Android operating system only. It encouraged IOS devices also but that service was stopped because of some issues.

Price: $49


– It’s dependable software and developed with one of the most reputed companies in business.
– The additional features are amazing and let you monitor all the activities of your kid.


– There are a few features like keylogging and phone call recording which are unavailable for some devices.

5) Flexispy

The Flexispy is one of the world’s hottest software for tracking and tracking of mobile phones, tablets, and computers. With the support of all Flexispy, you are able to view data without log in to any site. It is possible to select which data you want to monitor and the 2- factor authentication offers additional security attributes.

Price: $199


– This program includes amazing capabilities.
– It is very effective for both private and professional use.


– There are some features that are not supplied to IOS users.
– It is a little bit expensive for tracking applications.

6) Mobistealth

The Mobistealth software helps to protect personal interests by enabling monitoring of different phone actions. It allows you to monitor all the phone activities and send them to your Mobistealth account. It functions without letting the device’s owner know about the spying app. It supports both Android and iOS devices.

Price: $33.33


– It’s an simple to use interface and gives a comprehensive report of the target device actions.
– This program monitor and monitors another apparatus efficiently.
– It includes a money-back guarantee of 30 days.


– It does not offer you a lot of features as compared to other spying software.

7) Highster Mobile

It’s software that can monitor any smartphone virtually without getting detected. Highster is an innovative phone spy program through which you can track your loved ones, track employees at your office, and spy on kid’s phone to place a limitation to their online activities. The Telephone support for this Program comprises Spirit Phones, Verizon Phones, AT & T Phones, T Mobile Phones, Virgin Mobile, Metro Pcs Phones, along with US Cellular Telephones.

Cost: $79.99


– This app is actually easy to use. Simply install it on your device, create a new account using valid email id and password and get a routine update of the telephone you want to monitor.
– As you cover just a onetime fee, it is comparatively cheaper than other apps.


– The features offered by the Highster app are extremely basic.

8) Spymaster Pro

It is one of the safest applications for mobile phone tracking and tracking. When it’s your own family, friends or your office employees, you can track their phones remotely. The main features provided by Spymaster Guru are hangout tracking, phone, SMS, GPS, Web Browser tracking, email monitoring, social media tracking, along with other installed programs monitoring.


– Spymaster Pro offers lots of methods to track smartphones.
– Its prices are relatively low as compared to other application software.


– You have to pay monthly to the plan rather than a long-term payment.

Part 2: Why Do You Need to Spy on Your Kid’s Phone?

The kids are not mature enough to comprehend the consequences of their activities. A few of those reasons are mentioned below:

– The child entering a dangerous zone: A parent knows that there are a few places in every city that shouldn’t be visited in ungodly hours. Tracking their telephone will let the parents know that they are getting in an unsafe zone and they’re able to come to their rescue.
– Identity theft on societal media: The societal media has influenced everyone in the world. Identity theft is a large issue for adults too, but it is okay because they understand how to handle situations. However, for kids, identity theft can lead to a significant shift in their life and can also spoil their picture.
– Texting strangers: children are not typically very good at judging the character of other persons to know their goals towards them. That is why a parent must know about whom their kid is getting involved and how it’s affecting his/her personality.
– Browsing unauthentic and insignificant articles: Sometimes by accident, children come across some content that is not relevant according to their age. Possessing an access to their browsing history, a parent will possess both good and poor knowledge for their kids. And they’re able to provide proper guidelines to their kids to be a fantastic person.
– Cyberbullying: There are many people on the internet which abuses and criticizes every action of a person. This can have a negative impact on your child’s mind. So, the parents will need to get knowledge of these issues to guard their kids from cyberbullying.
– Bad content on Social networking: The active users of social networking platform have a right to discuss any sort of information. However, they don’t have a respect that what kind of viewers is going to have access to this material. So, to make sure that no poor content wind up lying on your child’s profile is also important.


10 Must-Know Free WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android


The Best 10 Free WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

The Best 10 Free WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android
The Best 10 Free WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android

1. SpyZee

1. SpyZee
1. SpyZee

SpyZee is among the best WhatsApp spy app android free you could use to spy on your kids. The SpyZee is packed with a lot of characteristics that makes it possible to keep track of your kids WhatsApp chats and messages. SpyZee utilizes some intricate algorithms and applications to retrieve hack someone’s WhatsApp and retrieve their messages. Employing SpyZee is very straightforward and you do not require any technical knowledge to use it. Just download and install the SpyZee app on the target device that you need to track and allow all of administrative privileges to the program. You will not only able to spy on WhatsApp, but also on additional telephone data.


– It is totally free to use.
– It is possible to track SMS, call logs, GPS location and a whole lot more.
– Control target apparatus using SMS and push commands.
– Record surrounding voices of the device.


– Doesn’t have a screenshot attribute.
– is not readily available for iOS apparatus.

Compatible OS:

– Android

2. PhoneTracking

PhoneTracking is among the top tools which permit you to track someone’s WhatsApp activities on their devices. This WhatsApp spy program Android free tool allows you to hack into someone’s WhatsApp accounts and read their chats and conversations. You can also see their media files send together with them be it photos or videos. PhoneTracking also allows users to control the target device and restrict device usage liberally. It’s also compatible with both Android and iOS devices, therefore it doesn’t have the same limitations that SpyZee endured from.


– View delivered and received text messages with a single click.
– Lots of observation attributes than other tracking tools including capturing screenshots.
– Compatibility with web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox makes it possible to monitor web browsing history of this target.
– GPS location tracking to understand the whereabouts of your kids in actual time.

Compatible OS:

– Android and iOS.

3. NetSpy

If it comes to WhatsApp spy program android free, then the name of NetSpy can’t be ignored. It’s among the most commonly used monitoring tool because of the features it provides users. The NetSpy presents efficient and effective spying attributes for a variety of information on the target device. It can track cell phone call logs, messages, history, social networks including Snapchat, GPS location and much more.


– Can monitor telephone, browser and messages history and other information monitoring.
– Very simple to use.
– Track GPS place of the goal.
– Client service team available 24/7.


– It requires rooting Android device to access all attributes.

Compatible OS:

– It’s available for both Android and iOS.

4. PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is yet another WhatsApp spy app android free tool which allows users keep a track of their kid’s actions. It’s many monitoring features which not only lets you track WhatsApp messages and chats but also read text messages and social network messages including Facebook. Cpoy9 is a cloud-based monitoring solution, meaning, the monitored data is sent to their own servers prior to sending it to you. With so many innovative tracking features, PhoneSpying gives a tough competition to high spying programs.


– PhoneSpying shows you all of the text messages sent or received by the target device including messages that were deleted.
– You can also see the telephone logs of this target person with details like whether the cal was incoming or outgoing, contact, and also the name of the person and time of the call.
– It can also be employed to track WhatsApp messages with full particulars of their contacts or group to or where a message has been sent or received.
– Can capture voice calls and surrounding noises.


– There is limited support for a few Android apparatus.

Compatible OS:

– Compatible with both Android and iOS functioning system.

5. HoverWatch

HoverWatch is another program to soy on someone’s WhatsApp in addition to other messaging programs like Kik, line etc.. There may be many WhatsApp spy app android free, however, HoverWatch supplies a far better and intuitive interface to achieve that. HoverWatch works stealthily on the target device and sends you a full report regarding the target’s activities in their smartphone. You’ll have the ability to use this program to track 5 devices simultaneously should you ever want it.


– It lets you view call text and history messages on the target device.
– HoverWatch may also send alerts when device SIM cards have been changed.
– You can capture a front camera photo to find out who is operating the apparatus if stolen.
– It can also track to-do record on the apparatus.


– It is not readily available for iOS apparatus.

Compatible OS:

– Simply available for Android.

6. TheTruthSpy

To assist parents track the WhatsApp use of their children, the TheTruthSpy provides powerful features. Utilizing TheTruthSpy, you can read the WhatsApp messages of a person as well as also preview the attachments sent with it. Unlike other monitoring tools, the main objective of the WhatsApp spy app android free tool is to let parents track the WhatsApp and Snap-chat use of the kids.


– Could be used for GPS location tracking, call logs, messages, browser history, voice memos, etc..
– You can also see the Snapchat and WhatsApp messages onto the target device.
– Works stealthily in the background.


– Lots of features are only available in premium variants which are costly.

Compatible OS:

– Android and iOS

7. TeenSafe

TeenSafe is also one of the top 10 best WhatsApp spy program android free that is designed with the objective of parental control and monitoring. Parents utilize TeenSafe to keep a close watch on the call logs, text messages, WhatsApp chats, and Social network chats including Facebook as well as surfing history of the kids on their apparatus.


– It allows tracking a number of devices at the same time.
– You are able to use TeenSafe with no Jailbreaking or root on the target device.
– You can monitor SMS, GPS location, WhatsApp and internet browsing background on the target device.
– By tracking calls, you will be able to know your child is interacting with good men and women.


– Doesn’t encourage screenshot feature.
– you cannot use it to program limitations on the target device.

Compatible OS:

– It is available for the two Android and iOS.

8. Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App is the next generation mobile monitoring solution designed to aid parents in monitoring their child. It supports all the features of their most popular spying apps with a few additional attributes like Wi-Fi notifications, blocking telephone numbers and distant device wipeout.


– It has some extra features to other spying programs.
– You can track a number of devices at the same time.
– It supports remote wipe from the apparatus if when it had been lost or stolen to safeguard private information.
– Premium version cheaper than other WhatsApp spy app Android free.


– Does not support Windows or Symbian devices.

Compatible OS:

– Android and iOS

9. Appmia

In the list of the most effective tracking tools, Appmia doesn’t lose to anybody with its mad set of features.


– It supports a variety of monitoring features, over other tools.
– You can track GPS location of the target.
– Block incoming calls and document calls.


– Expensive when compared to other free WhatsApp spy programs.

Compatible OS:

– iOS and Android

10. iKeyMonitor

IKeyMonitor is your also among the top 10 must know WhatsApp spying programs for Android also accessible at no cost.


– It is among the few monitoring tools that also has Keylogger attribute.
– GPS-tracking can also be possible with iKeyMonitor.
– See WhatsApp chats and view attachments sent along with them.


– Cannot operate without Internet connection.
– Is not as fast as other tools.

Compatible OS:

– Android and iOS