How to spy on cell phone

How to spy on cell phone
How to spy on cell phone

How to spy on cell phone? Begin to use SpyZee for better spying experience

The SpyZee app is one of the most popular as well as user-friendly app for keeping eyes over the kid’s activities, monitoring the activities of employees. Also, it is used for spying over the activities of girlfriend or boyfriend and wife or husband. This mobile monitoring tool is running in the hidden mode for tracking the activity like call logs, GPS location tracking, web history, calendar updates, SMS, email, keylogger etc.

The SpyZee app is the best cell phone spyware that is cell phone spying tool that is internet based and used in secretly monitoring and obtaining the data from victim device. It is recording all the details of the activities that are done at the victim device. All the recorded data is sent to the server of the app. The spy tool works effectively and in an efficient manner into the background of the device and is not going to get traced by the victim.

Different spyware is using different terminology but all of them are working in the same manner. Also, they are used for the same purpose by the users. One just has to install the app onto the device of the victim and then fill in all the details like ID and password to create the user account. Once done successfully with the process of downloading and installation, allow the app to do the spying tasks. Then a hacker can easily view all the activity of phone through the account control panel that is already created. Look at the installation process overviews-


A user of the SpyZee app needs to access the targeted person device at least for once for installing the wizard. The spying tool like the SpyZee app is too much easy for one to install and it can easily be installed into the suspected person device within few seconds. There should be a good internet connection. There are no special technical skills or knowledge is needed to operate the app. It will be running in stealth mode without letting the victim get the hint of being traced. Once the wizard is successfully installed into the device of the targeted user, tracking the activity of phone via remotely can be done easily through the web-based portal.

Rooting and jailbreaking

If a user is seeking to install the spyware into the iPhone, one needs to undergo jailbreaking of the device. This allows one to use the app that is not authorized by the iOS. No rooting is needed for the downloading, installation and use of the spyware. But one need to undergo device rooting if would like to make use of advanced features like instant messenger monitoring and call intercept.

No jailbreak solution

If a person is seeking to monitor the iOS but doesn’t want to deal with jailbreaking, considering using SpyZee App will be the right selection. This is actually a web-based tool that allows one in easily doing the monitoring of the call logs, view web history and track down the messages all without undergoing the jailbreaking of the device. One only need to have the ID and password of Apple and also iCloud backup must be enabled on the iOS.

Internet-based control panel

The control panel is a fully web-based interface. It is provided by the spy tool service provider that let one in easily checking all the recorded details of the victim device. It is like instant messages, photos, contacts, phone callings, SMS, web history, emails etc. It let one in seeing the location of the phone over the map.

From the wizard dashboard, one will be easily able to do few things listed herein

  • Download and review complete tracked data details including messages, photos, call recordings, SMS directly at the control panel.
  • One can control the device remotely and can do the activities like unblocking and blocking phone, begin recording and interrupting cell phone usage and delete the tool.
  • Also, a user can set up the alert and notification of SIM card change. Also it can get the instant alert when the particular word is used in SMS.
  • A user can access all the account setting and manage the payment options.


The spy tool like the SpyZee app is 100% compatible with the platform like iOS and Android. The complete list of the compatible device on the website of the wizard will be found easily. Before one uses the tool must ensure the phone on which a user is going to track is having the name of the platform into the list of supported device.

Internet access

The app needs the internet connection to let it function in a better way. It can be through Wi-Fi or a cellular data network. The tool will collect the data from the victim phone and will send it to the server of app through the internet connection.

You can download SpyZee at:

Features of the spying tool

Features of the spying tool

Features of the spying tool

Managing the calls- The SpyZee app allows one in viewing all the outgoing, incoming calls with the date and time stamp and duration as well.

Tracking the text messages- this spying tool for tracking cell phone allows one in reading all the texts and messages that are sent or received. Also, it is good enough in tracking the deleted or edited SMS. They are easily made available by having access to the tracker tool.

GPS location tracking- The tool is also effective enough in tracking down the GPS location of the cell phone of the suspected person. Also, the whereabouts of the targeted person will be tracked. If a person has lost the device no need to worry it can also be traced by using the app.

Monitoring the web browsing activity spy– One can view the URLs that the suspected person has visited. A user can check the internet activities of the suspected person and see the activities he and she do. Also, the downloaded content can be as well seen.

Accessing the address book and calendar- With the help of this tracking tool, one can easily check all contacts available into the phonebook. Also, it helps one in keeping the track of every event that into the calendar of the phone.

Read all instant messages- Using this feature will let the hacker to know all about the messages that are sent and received by the victim on various IM apps like Skype, Viber, imessage etc.

View multimedia files available into the device- This Smartphone surveillance tool allows one in seeing the available multimedia files like videos, photos, screenshots, GIFs etc. every time when a person takes the new picture through the camera it will automatically get uploaded at the SpyZee app user account.

Remote control- The Smartphone getting stolen or lost and the information from the mobile getting theft has become common. With the help of this tracking tool, one can remotely erase the data of targeted phone and can prevent the data from getting into the hand of any wrong user.

Ambient listening- Just make a call in a hidden way to the mobile of the victim and hear what is all going at the surrounding of him or her. This will give the hacker a fair idea about where he or she is at present.

WhatsApp spying- we all know that this platform is widely used for communicating with others on daily basis. Spying over the WhatsApp account of the person will be good enough to reveal all secrets. The app will let a user to know all chats, multimedia files shared, Whatsapp status etc.

Social media activities spying- The tracking tool is good enough in easily spying over the different social media app that is installed into the device of the targeted user. Through tracking one can easily know what kind of activities the victim is doing over its social media account.

Why using the SpyZee app is really beneficial

  • The SpyZee app is considered to be one of the best spyware additions for the collection of several innovative features.
  • One can do spying over the victim phone invisibly and remotely.
  • As it is easy to afford, using it will definitely be good.
  • It easily functions on all the networks of the phone.
  • The app is having a user-friendly interface so using it becomes a lot convenient.
  • The download and installation of the app are lot easier.
  • Their 24×7 customer care team is available that is always ready to help the user at every time whenever needed.

Who can use the app

Catch cheating partner- If one wonders whether he or she is continually is cheated by the partner and is willing to find out the real truth behind it then tracking is best. Use the SpyZee app and discover the hidden secret behind the strange attitude of lovely husband or wife.

Parents can use- The worried parents can make use of the tracking tool to ensure complete safety and prevent them from online theft and cyberbullying. Also, see what activities they do on their device.


What are you waiting for and thinking, just get the SpyZee app now from SpyZee.COM and spy on the cell phone of the dearest one and have stress free life by clearing all doubts.